torsdag 24 april 2014

Sophie B Hawkins - We are One Body

Veckans album: Sophie B Hawkins - Tongues and Tails

Sophie B Hawkins blev Grammy-nominerad som bästa nya artist 1993. Tongues and Tails blev en stor framgång i massor av länder.

"Some things good and most things bad
But if you’d be my lover
I’d be more than what I am
And drifting on your ocean
I could shut my engines down
But deeper currents were in store
And I’m not anchored anymore
Your kiss your kisses set me free
I wasn’t listening before
Your lips your tongue your hands your feet
You gave everything back to me
I want you need you to feel free
Now all I want is to be this free
To touch to feel what you give me"

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