lördag 19 april 2014

Alarm - Blaze of Glory

Veckans album: The Alarm - Declaration

Blaze of Glory är en av Alarms bästa låtar. The Alarm bildades i Rhyl (Wales) 1981 och splittrades 1991 då Mike Peters avslöjade under en spelning på Brixton Academy i London att han lämnade bandet.

"We've shared some great moments in time over the last ten years and tonight I would like to thank all the people who have supported me from the beginning to the end. Tonight this is my last moment with the Alarm, I'm going out in a Blaze of Glory - my hands are held up high"

"I remember this much
There is nothing
You shouldn't speak of
If you got something to say
And there is no one
To be scared of
Just get them out of the way"

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